Writing articles for online publications nanotechnology

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Writing articles for online publications nanotechnology

Nanotechnology Scope The journal aims to publish papers at the forefront of nanoscale science and technology and especially those of an interdisciplinary nature.

Here, nanotechnology is taken to include the ability to individually address, control, and modify structures, materials and devices with nanometre precision, and the synthesis of such structures into systems of micro- and macroscopic dimensions such as MEMS based devices.

It encompasses the understanding of the fundamental physics, chemistry, biology and technology of nanometre-scale objects and how such objects can be used in the areas of computation, sensors, nanostructured materials and nano-biotechnology. To be publishable in this journal, papers must meet the highest scientific quality standards, contain significant and original new science, and should make substantial advances within a particular area of nanoscale science and technology.

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A paper on synthesis should contain a significant innovation either in methodology, materials or demonstrated application. Towards ensuring high editorial standards, every article submission is preliminarily assessed by the editors of the journal before being sent to independent referees.

Articles can be rejected without refereeing after this initial assessment by the editors. Due to the high volume of papers that we receive, we regret that we are unable to provide feedback on individual articles.

Authors appealing against the decision will have to demonstrate to the Editorial Board of the journal at nano iop.

NanoInk hopes to write itself into the future of nanotechnology with dip-pen lithography.

Article types Reports of original research work; not normally more than words 10 journal pages. Letters The journal offers open access to outstanding short papers reporting new and timely developments in nanotechnology. Letters will be processed quickly and are free to read for a year in the electronic journal.

To facilitate a fast review process, we urge authors to restrict the length of their article to 8 journal pages words.


Authors submitting Letters should provide reasons why the work is urgent and requires rapid publication. They will be refereed by a member of the Editorial Board who will check that they have the necessary urgency.

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Further information can be found on the Letters page. Topical reviews Review articles commissioned by the Editorial Board.

writing articles for online publications nanotechnology

Tutorials Personal viewpoint and insight into a particular subject area appealing to a wider audience, including undergraduates and researchers working in any of the various fields of nanotechnology. Tutorials are normally commissioned by the Editorial Board but we also welcome unsolicited submissions to the journal.All submitted articles considered suitable for Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology are subjected to rigorous peer review to ensure the highest levels of quality.

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writing articles for online publications nanotechnology

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Toumey, specializing in the anthropology of science, has written extensively on nanotechnology since , including a recurrent commentary in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, and Herr Harthorn has addressed the social conditions of nanotechnology in relation to globalization, modernity and risk, in particular in the recent volume edited by.

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