Writing a letter to a person with cancer

Contact Author The word cancer elicits emotion from most people.

Writing a letter to a person with cancer

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, please consider taking a few minutes to help us out by completing this short survey. On September 22, a year-old woman—a new mom with a young child—calls her doctor for results of a biopsy.

Nine months earlier she had surgery and very early, noninvasive breast cancer was found. She places the call from work, believing that all will be fine.

Thoughtlessly, her doctor reads her pathology results: The devastating diagnosis is delivered with no explanation, no reassurance, no handholding.

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She hangs up and begins measuring her remaining lifespan in seconds. How short will cancer cut her life? Will her son lose his mother while he is young, as she lost hers at age 12? What will her treatment be like? She is scared, overwhelmed, and angry. This is my letter to that young woman: I want to console you and provide the reassurance and guidance that you need.

These words are my heartfelt expression of love and a prophecy, if you will, of a brighter future. I watch you tuck your son in bed at night and bravely smile as he looks up at you with trusting eyes. You will do everything you can to spare him from your pain and preserve his wonder, innocence, and well-being just a little longer.

I ache for you as you pull out photos from a year ago; a new mother caressing the baby in your arms, before this cruel disease entered your life.

It feels unbearable that you will never experience childbirth again. But you will eventually make peace with this profound loss. You will continue to parent your child, providing a steady hand, a strong moral compass, and all the love you have to give.

You will face challenges, loneliness, stigma, gut-wrenching grief, life-changing surgeries. You will lose your breasts, your ovaries, your fertility, your hair, some friends, your confidence, and sometimes, your lunch.

But one day you will regain your self worth. You will no longer feel like damaged goods. You will offer yourself wholly in love and friendship again and people will value what you have to offer. You will enjoy desire and intimacy again, and will appreciate the quiet whispered words of love, and the ecstatic shouts of unbridled passion.

You are suspended in the moment, an avalanche of decisions, research, statistics, and treatments threatening to bury you.

How to Write to Someone Who Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

You are paralyzed with the gravity of every choice and terrified of making the wrong decision. But know that you will fight with every ounce of your being, question your doctors, and exhaustively research all options.

Try to trust yourself to choose. You have always been wise. Make the best decision you can and then embrace it with all your might. I know right now the weight of your diagnosis and uncertainty grip you like a vise; even the simple act of breathing seems monumental.

You hold your breath, as you wait for the next crisis or piece of bad news. But I promise you that one day you will breathe hope like oxygen; it will expand your lungs and buoy you with optimism.

You are feeling joyless but you will know true happiness.

writing a letter to a person with cancer

You are feeling lost but you will find your way; and when you do, your light will shine so brightly that others will follow in your path and gain comfort and guidance from you.

Cancer will change you.

writing a letter to a person with cancer

It will shape you and set your course in directions you never have imagined. But in the end, it will not crush, consume, or destroy you. I feel your pain. I feel for you.Guidelines for Writing Letters to Patients Diane L. Baker,1 Timothy Eash,2 Jane L.

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Schuette,1;3 These patient letter-writing guidelines are intended of women seen for genetic counseling for breast/ovarian cancer (Hallowell and Murton, ). Ninety-two percent of study participants indicated that the patient.

Jul 01,  · Maybe the person goes to the tanning booth way too often. The purpose of the get well card is not to pass judgment or assign blame.

Never reference death. The person with cancer may feel the fear of the unknown. Even predicting that cancer will not kill the person is drawing attention to the possibility. Focus instead on life, what the person can do, and what the person regardbouddhiste.coms: 9.

Analyze the Seriousness of Cancer. A person who has been given few definite months to live should be given a different card than from a person who has found a small lump and is waiting for his screening.

Usually the stages of cancer are categorized according to Roman numeral system. This is a sample letter which is a format to wish a person recovering from cancer to get well soon. This personal letter can be e-mailed, posted, regardbouddhiste.com purpose of this online sample letter template is to familiarize you with the right format for this kind of a cover letter and .

How to Write a Card for Someone Who Has Cancer Alison and Brian of From Me to You, a letter-writing cancer charity, have graciously provided some expert tips to help make your holiday card preparation a little less daunting.

Dec 08,  · I usually turn to writing as a way of sorting through my emotions, of trying to make sense of a senseless situation, but since your diagnosis I have written very little about it.

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