Writing a baby name book

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Writing a baby name book

Posted by Lauren Hartmann Recently, my husband and I have been talking more about when we might start trying for Baby 2. My husband actually threw out a name suggestion the other day for if we have a little boy next time around, and it has literary roots which I really liked.

Here are 50 great baby names, all inspired by famous writers. I love the name Louisa as well. I think Jules could make a great alternative to those who like Julie or Julia, but are looking for something a little more unique.

A lovely name for a little boy. Ambrose American writer Ambrose Bierce was a journalist, satirist, and short story writer. I adore the name Ambrose. Definitely in my top favorites for a little boy. Barrett Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a well-known Victorian-era poet.

I think the name Barrett would be so cute for a little boy. Elwyn Elwyn is the first name of author E. I think it is a lovely and uncommon name.

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Ezra American poet Ezra Pound might make for a good baby name muse. Buck Writer Pearl S. And I think the name Buck is a nice strong name for a little boy.

Langston Langston could be a good alternative to names like Logan or Nolan. It is the name of jazz poet and leader of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes. Camus could be a cute unisex baby name.

Salinger was one of my favorite high school required reads. Frances was one of my middle name choices for my own daughter. Maya Maya Angelou is my all time favorite writer.

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Her poems are amazing, but I love her autobiographies even more. Kurt Kurt is a short and sweet, but strong name.

writing a baby name book

Great for those who are drawn to names like Jack or Luke. But did you know that his first name is Leo? Truman Fans of the works of Truman Capote just might stop to consider this as a potential baby name pick. I think Lois is an adorable little, old lady name that is a little less popular than some of the other old-fashioned girl names out there right now.Something I think most authors are familiar with are baby name sites.

A trick that works for many authors, though personally I find can become quite tedious as you . A heartfelt book can be a special gift for a baby. Personalize this meaningful present by writing a sweet inscription. When the child grows up and sees the loving messages written to her as a baby, she may feel an important attachment to her books and the stories within.

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I think a baby name book, in order to be useful, has to have enough names that you have PLENTY of ideas (so more than the books that just have 10, names), but not so many that you just get overwhelmed and stressed out/5().

Writing sisters Charlotte, Anne and Emily Brontë would make a lovely muse as a baby name source. Huxley Aldous Huxley, author of “Brave New World” has a . 83 rows · Words can't describe how your baby makes you feel, but these notable writers can inspire your choice of a name.

If you love books and the people who create them, you might find the perfect baby boy or girl name right here. Nov 08,  · I am going to a baby shower for DH's cousin next weekend. On the invitation it asked that instead of giving a card with the gift please give a book for the baby with your name and note inside so the child will grow up with them.

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