World of warcraft addiction or benefit

The Alliance[ edit ] The Alliance has been present in some form in all Warcraft games. In all three real-time strategy games, the Alliance are the protagonists of their campaign, and are one of the two main protagonist factions in World of Warcraft. They are also the primary antagonists of Warcraft and the orc campaigns in Warcraft II.

World of warcraft addiction or benefit

The World of Warcraft: April 15,3: It carries both a stigma of digital addiction as well as an entrance to a reserved group of people.

World of Warcraft

In a blog partially about college, it has to be mentioned. You would really be blown away by how many people and the variety of people who play this game. Blizzard entertainment has cleverly found the goldmine of online gaming and it will milk this thing to the very end.

For instance take this and this article about deaths directly related to prolonged time spent playing this game. However, what about the home front?

Ok, as for my own experience, I played WoW for about a year and a half on and off. For those who care, I played a warlock on the Black Dragonflight server with a mixture of online and college friends.

I suppose I am someone who likes change and so I got bored of the game and quit a few times only to rejoin after a few months.

I made a few hundred dollars in the end when I finally sold it.

World of warcraft addiction or benefit

However, I definitely played the game enough to understand the social dynamics that drive its community. This is also probably how most people understand the game on a basic level.

Complete tasks, kill monster, gain levels 4. Obtain good equipment through the completion of tasks and killing monsters 5. Beat other players in PvP player versus player settings The Cycle This seems like a straightforward process, and it is to a point.

How to Survive Life with a World of Warcraft Addict: 7 Steps

The time needed to achieve this can range from weeks to years. However, this game is far deeper than a linear process. The key key key note, in terms of gameplay and addiction, is that Blizzard is constantly adding new material to the game that is better than existing stuff. They can afford this through the 14 dollar subsciption fee to play the game and it also means that the game never ends.

In order to be the best, you need to be constantly updated with the best gear. However, the best gear is arbitrarily updated by the company and therein lies the trap. That clean 5 step process is actually a great frustrating circle.

However, why do people even want to excel in this game anyways? Accessible Power The answer to this lies in a very primal explanation.

As humans, we desire power. WoW offers power at a very simple cost — time.

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The money part is really unimportant. I can see Blizzard upping the prices a few dollars higher per month and their new players may drop a bit, but the existing numbers would be firm. Time is the real currency that is paid for virtual power. This is such a universally accessible cost for people.

WoW players begin to realize that the game is not like any other heirarchy of power out there. There are no concrete restraints like looks, social skills or knowledge.

As long as you can put in the time, you will accumulate more and more social presitge and power. Now, WoW players will argue here that there is definitely an amount of skill and knowledge required to play effectively.

Though it is a valid point, in perspective, these are trivial skills and information that is easily obtainable given enough time.Dr.

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