Whisper hope to others

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Whisper hope to others

Email Copy Link Copied Some women get pregnant by accident while others get pregnant on purpose. Either way, most women once finding out they are expecting grow up a lot family become the primary focus. These women may quit smoking, cut back on certain things to save money, or even drop certain friends that are too much drama for them.

Some women consume their time in reading baby books and joining mommy groups while some moms have other plans.

There are other women who become pregnant and decide to do whatever they please, even if it impacts her partner or family negatively.

In the article below we dive into 15 whisper confessions by women who are expecting a baby and decide to cheat. Cheating occurs for a variety of reasons- anger, boredom, and even unfulfilled fantasies. No matter what the reason is, the majority of people would agree cheating is wrong and there is no excuse.

While pregnant most moms-to-be have a shift in focus and decide their future family is extremely important, while others decide to partake in acts that are disgusting and disrespectful. Not everyone believes cheating is wrong, but unless partners agree that their relationship is an open relationship, there is no reason to believe that cheating is right.

We hope these pregnant cheaters are able to get their act together once the baby comes and stop sneaking around. If these women want to split from their partners that is totally okay, but continuing to cheat only shows their real character.

We hope they are better mothers than they are partners. Besides all of the enjoyable parts, it can bring on stress, anxiety and arguing. Bringing a life into the world is a big deal, and once pregnant, couples are in for the long haul.

In this situation, the whisper confessor cheated on her boyfriend due to being boring once she became pregnant. Maybe he is boring because his focus is on saving money for the baby or because he would rather talk baby names than tequila shots.

Whatever the case is, this confessor had enough and decided cheating was the answer. Everyone goes through stages in life, and maybe this hubby is boring for right now, but that may change in the future. Instead of giving this guy a chance to change, or accepting him for who he is, this wife found the answer was cheating.

There of course are some women who blame hormones on things that they themselves had total control over.

Sometimes it is easier to not take the blame and to blame it on something or someone else. This whisper confessor blames her cheating and her lack of guilt on her pregnancy hormones.

Maybe her hormones made her more feisty than normal, but the hormones did not force her to physically get into bed with another man. We wonder if she had feelings for this old friend prior to becoming pregnant or if pregnancy made him more irresistible.

We hope that this confessor is able to take accountability for her actions someday. This soon-to-be dad decided that touching the bump was too much to handle. That must make his pregnant girlfriend feel pretty crappy, but that is no reason to cheat. It would be much better to break up or take a break than to cheat.

We all have needs and feelings and we sympathize with this confessor to an extent, but cheating is just never the answer. Maybe this is a first-time dad and he will not feel this way with future pregnancies, or maybe he will never get past the idea of his girlfriend being a human parasite.

They both have feelings they need to work through, and we hope that happens before the baby comes! Some people are into feet while others are into bondage, the possibilities are endless.

For this confessing pregnant mama, she admits to be turned on by cheating on her husband. Maybe it is the rush of being "bad" or the feeling of being with a different man, either way this whisper confessor has her reasons even if many of us are confused and disturbed.Whisper Hope by Mary Beth Carlson.

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Most of the time in front of me, she and my other co-worker would whisper something to each other. Although I'm not the person they're talking about, I just find it very unethical and rude. It just lacks the right manners.

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50+ videos Play all Play now; Mix 'Whisper of Hope' | Best of Gothic Storm. Life can get pretty boring or even routine once becoming an adult, and some people are totally okay with that while others are not.

We sincerely hope this whisper confessor is able to get her need to “feel alive” out of her system before the baby comes. She is currently being an irresponsible wife, we hope she is not an irresponsible mother too.

Whisper hope to others
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