The wild children

Cambridge University Press,p. These cases are listed below, adapted from Lucien Malson's Wolf Children

The wild children

The Wild Children is a fiction novel based on facts. Set in Russia in the s, Alex awakens one morning to discover that his entire family has been taken away by the police. Alex, as a twelve year old boy, finds his way to Moscow, where like thousands of other starving, homeless children in Russia, he joins a gang of other children - wild children - who band together to survive.

The children roam the countryside foraging for food, living in abandoned buildings and caves. Thus is the life of an orphaned child in Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution in Students will be able to describe what life was like for Russians during the Communist Revolution.

Identify the causes and effects of the Russian Revolution Content Standards this unit will cover: Directions for completing this unit: While you read the novel, you will be constructing a timeline of events that took place during the Russian Revolution.

The wild children

You will also be putting events from the novel on the timeline. After watching the video complete the quia activity to review the facts of the Russian Revolution.

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"Wild children" were seen as privileged objects of knowledge, believed to hold answers to fundamental questions about the boundaries of the human, the character and significance of civilization, and the relation between nature and culture, heredity and environment.

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Wild Children talks about Peter and Alex that in the midst of a land deprived from liberty for children, these two characters rose to the precipice of the unknown and risked their own freedom to help and lead the wild children of Russia escape to the land of freedom. Zoo Zoo

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