The issues on teens with access to handguns

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The issues on teens with access to handguns

There is a dearth of recent research on the issue of gun availability, access and use among young urban males, because federal funding for gun violence research has dried up. In context, the president was talking about the ease of access to guns in low-income urban areas and the lack of investment in educational resources.

As a society, we choose to underinvest in decent schools. We allow poverty to fester so that entire neighborhoods offer no prospect for gainful employment.

We refuse to fund drug treatment and mental health programs. We flood communities with so many guns that it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock than get his hands on a computer or even a book. And then we feign surprise when periodically the tensions boil over.

The issues on teens with access to handguns

A Glock is a name brand handgun that was among the top 20 illegal guns seized by the Chicago Police Department in How easy is it to illegally obtain a handgun on the streets of major cities? Also, the studies that were available to Wilkinson and her team date from the s, so there is a dearth of current research.

By the time Bush came into office it was defunded. How do teenagers obtain guns? How easy is it for teenagers to get guns?

The Tulane national survey found that 29 percent of those 10th and 11th grade boys reported possessing a gun in the past year.

But the data — drawn from a national survey of high school students — were limited to those who had carried a gun at least once during the previous 30 days. That number, predictably, is far less than those who have ever handled a gun.

Nevertheless, here is what the CDC found: That rate decreased between and from 7. Looking just at sampling of 15 large urban school districts, the CDC surveys found the prevalence of having carried a gun ranged from 2. The median across large urban school districts was 4.

Gun Violence and the Census: Sobering Statistics

Most studies note that gun use is prevalent among youths who engage in high-risk behaviors, such as using drugs and joining gangs. Indeed, a study published in Pediatrics in August looked at firearm possession rates among nearly youth victims of assault age 14 to 24 who came to the emergency department at a hospital in Flint, Michigan.

You can get a gun. Among the 20 percent of teens who do not have their own computer, two-thirds have access to one they can use at home.Youth – Gun Violence & Gun Access Guns cause the death of 20 children and young adults (24 years of age and under) each day in the U.S. Children and young adults (24 years of age and under) constitute over 41% of all firearm deaths and non-fatal injuries.

Youth and Guns. Youth in America today have access to, are using, and are being victimized by firearms more than ever before. According to a recent report on juvenile justice legislative initiatives conducted by NCSL, deaths caused by juveniles using guns increased .

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Bryan Harris, the year-old brother of an year-old Englewood girl raped and murdered in an infamous case, was one of two teens killed in a shoot-out at a south-suburban convenience store. List of Issues Affirmative Action Are racial preference systems a reasonable way to value diversity or a veiled attempt at reverse discrimination?

Although affirmative action programs remain legal, a divided court and a divided nation keep the debate alive. Reduce Youth Involvement With Guns, Drugs, and Gangs Overview The involvement of judges, prosecutors, social service providers, law enforcement officers, crime victims, community-based organizations, and others is critical to improving the juvenile justice system and reducing youth violence.

He is targeting gun manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, whose affordable handguns were the most confiscated firearm in Chicago crimes during and (next were those by Sturm, Ruger & Co.).

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