Project w-1 write a press release

Home copywriting Five Ws and One H: For the rest of you, you may find this concept helpful when preparing interview questions or writing factual news stories. This concept may help you write better news releases too, considering they should contain news.

Project w-1 write a press release

But Boston was no stranger to television-- the history of this mass medium goes all the way back to the late s, and a story which most people today including the residents of the town where the pioneering experiments first took place have probably never heard.

Spring the adventure begins It was May 4, and Charles E. The reality in the mids was that only a small number of people mostly ham radio fans and experimenters had ever seen a mechanical TV receiver.

EFW Alexanderson The impending arrival of television was another in a series of social changes which made the s unique: And in the spring ofa town best known as a central battleground in the Revolutionary War was about to lead a revolution in technology, bringing television to Massachusetts.

project w-1 write a press release

He had been a radio operator in the Navy during World War 1, and taught courses about the technical aspects of radio. His two great loves were flying he would eventually have his own private plane and amateur radio his call letters were 1AWS, then 1VA.

At early radio stations, the staff performed a wide variety of duties, so even though he was mainly an engineer, Jack Dodge found himself doing some announcing.

By lateAMRAD was experiencing financial problems, a common situation at many of the early stations, especially those owned by small companies or individual entrepreneurs.

Some companies had wonderful ideas, AMRAD among them, but ran out of money attempting to implement those ideas at their radio station. WNAC did not suffer from any financial worries: Shepard could even afford to hire the best people, at a time when most stations still tried to get volunteers; chances are that Jack Dodge was paid a respectable salary-- certainly more than he had made at WGI.

He and Warren E. Hartwell a friend and local businessman put a little 5 watt station on the air in Somerville MA, a few miles from Boston and several streets away from the District 1 Radio Inspector, Charles Kolster, who was able to monitor its progress.

In the mid 20s, garages were good places for radio experimenters and engineers to meet, since batteries could be obtained or re-charged there-- most home radio sets still required direct current and used storage batteries.

Since Jack Dodge was seeking a local business partner who had some extra room and knew something about radio, Hartwell and his garage were quite suitable. Jack told a Boston newspaper that his intention with WAGS was somewhat of a hobby; he wanted to do radio experiments to further improve the quality of reception.

But soon WAGS occupied much of his free time. Interestingly, John Shepard-- known as a demanding boss-- seems to have been very supportive of the venture, even giving Jack time off when he needed to make repairs or test new equipment.

By the middle ofJack Dodge had outgrown the garage in Somerville; he bought out Warren Hartwell and became the sole owner of WAGS, which he then moved to nearby Lexington, changing the call letters to WLEX and getting the station a more respectable for that time 50 watts.

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He found a new business partner-- Carl S. Wheeler, son of a wealthy Lexington entrepreneur. Wheeler was happy when the station finally move into studios of its own a few months later. The station was owned by a local businessman named William S.

project w-1 write a press release

While he was studying, Al also applied what he was learning by doing some work for WRSC; and he wrote an occasional radio column for the Boston Post under the pen name of R.Skateboards, Inc.

Grading Form Student Name: Final Numerical Grade: Project # Project Title Total Points Earned Out of 16 Possible Points Raw Score Out of % (Points Earned /16) x W-1 Write a Press Release 15/16 94 10% W-2 Create and Design Letterhead 16/16 5% 5.

The second paragraph of the press release should include the names of some of the key players on your roster. Write a paragraph in the space below to .

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Figure (b) shows a calculated plot of h 0 – h versus t for the specific set of parameters noted on the figure. A set of field measurements of drawdown versus time measured in a piezometer that is set in an ideal confined aquifer with these properties would show this type of record.

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