Literature review on forex market

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Literature review on forex market

Infact, money market developed because parties had surplus funds while others needed urgent cash funds. Money market is a market that deals with short — term securities, having its maturity between one year or less.

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The debt instrument traded in this market includes: Money market instrument are generally very safe investment, which return a relatively low interest rate that is mostly appropriate for temporary cash storage or short time horizons, with high liquidity. Unlike the market for textiles for example, there is no place that one can call a money market.

Literature review on forex market

Although activities in the market can be concentrated in a particular street. In operating money market all you need is a desk, a telephone with multiple lines and license to do business, often referred as money market Desk Agwu, Thus, money market is described as a wholesale marker for low risk highly liquid, short term loans.

Money market is not just one market, but a series of closely connected markets.

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Funds are easily and quickly obtainable in the primary money market at low interest rates. Infact, it is argued that one of the principal roles of the money market in any economy is that it serves as instrument by which the government monetary authorities uses to control the economic activities. Money markets serve as one of the heading instrument employed by the monetary authority CBN to control the activities of the economy Noko, Instrument traded in the money market have common features which includes: Most of the instruments have a high degree of safety of principal for a number of reasons; The debt instruments are issued by borrowers with generally high credit standing.

Money market instruments have a high degree of liquidity. These instruments are usually in high amount units of millions or more. The short duration of these instrument mean they negligible interest rate risk.

Literature review on forex market

Most of the instruments have active secondary markets which facilitate their sales at maturity Agwu, However, for a comprehensive analysis and understanding of the money market, its operation, function, role in economic development of any nation.

A review of the broad component of money as a concept; its role in the economy; theories and impact on the economy will be assessed in this work. Your use of any of these sample documents is subjected to your own decision NB:Shotar,M.M.

and El-Mefleh,M.A.

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literature review on forex market — S online retail trading scene.
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Economic Exposure to Exchange Rates in Jordan Companies positions in the forward market or all payments for futures of imported inputs are negotiated for payments in the local currency (suppliers assume the exchange rate risk.).

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