Konda visweswara reddy business plan

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Konda visweswara reddy business plan

konda visweswara reddy business plan

Andhra Pradesh Andhra Prasesh: The legacy of Kammas in the modern history of Andhra Pradesh: Their embrace of education. Among the non-Brahmin communities, Kammas were one of the first to take to education in large numbers.

Over a period of 10 years, in Guntur District alone, High schools were established by their initiative.

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Zamindars of Challapalli and Kapilewarapuram founded many schools and libraries. Historically, Kammas have been one of the wealthy communities in Andhra Pradesh; in the recent past, their pace of increase in wealth only accelerated due to their success in business, farming, arts and movie industry, education, medicine, engineering, and high technology.

Kammas have a progressive social outlook and work hard at anything they take up. They were adept farmers and as a consequence of the changes that affected the economic landscape of rural India down the centuries, they became prosperous.

Kammas gradually diversified into other specialties such as films, media, academia, medicine, business, real estate, industries etc. Even though they fall less in number to the Brahmin Social Reformers, Poets, famous Politicians in whole of Andhra history, they have gained good inroads in recent past.

They have an enterprising and diligent nature. Kammas can claim credit for introducing modern agricultural techniques in the state. Today, some of the most efficient professional institutions in the state are run by the Kammas.

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They are generally found in roles ranging from large scale industries to small scale businesses. One admirable characteristic about them is their recognition and belief in the dignity of labor, and are not above lending a hand to hired help and doing some field work themselves in agriculture if they see a need, which is generally considered something to be avoided in India by the upper castes.

Many Kammas in villages are not only peasants but are landlords as well. Kammas are mainly concentrated in South Costal A. P and two Rayalaseema Districts. Kammas stood second in the districts W. Kammas are also concentrated in some parts of Nizamabad, Nalgonda, Warangal, Kurnool, Hyderabad and Vizag Districts, in the remaining Districts Kammas are very less in count.

Kamma population is more in villages and small towns when compare to Cities and District head quarters. The main reason for this is Kammas are basically agriculturists, their main accoupation is agriculture. P is owned or leased by Kammas. One theory is that the people who lived in the Krishna river valley, where Buddhism prevailed, got the name from Theravada Buddhist concept of Kamma Pali or Karma Sanskrit.

Inscriptions mentioning Kammanadu are available since 3rd century A. Some historians opined that the name Kamma is probably derived from Kambhoja, an ancient Aryan warrior clan. Historian Avadh Bihari Lal Avasthi comments as follows: There is also a famous city Koimb-toor.

Kambhoja Raja Kathalu is very popular in Andhra traditions.Notice! The message in this form will not be forwarded to KONDA VISHWESHWAR REDDY. Use the form below to post your review or comment and discuss about KONDA VISHWESHWAR REDDY as a community. Sehen Sie sich das Profil von Rohit D Batra auf LinkedIn an, dem weltweit größten beruflichen Netzwerk.

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konda visweswara reddy business plan
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