King leopold ii

He claimed he was doing it to protect the "natives" from Arab slavers, and to open the heart of Africa to Christian missionaries, and Western capitalists. Torment and rape He turned his "Congo Free State" into a massive labour camp, made a fortune for himself from the harvest of its wild rubber, and contributed in a large way to the death of perhaps 10 million innocent people. They needed these to prove to their superiors that they had not been "wasting" their bullets on animals.

King leopold ii

Early life[ edit ] Leopold was born in Brussels on 9 April The royal families of Belgium and the United Kingdom were linked by numerous marriages, and were additionally both descended from the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Louis Philippe died two years later, in Leopold's fragile mother was deeply affected by the death of her father, and her health deteriorated.

King leopold ii

She died that same year, when Leopold was 15 years old. Marie Henriette was lively and energetic, and endeared herself to the people by her character and benevolence, and her beauty gained for her the sobriquet of "The Rose of Brabant".

She was also an accomplished artist and musician. Some joked about this "marriage of a stableman and a nun ", [4] the shy and withdrawn Leopold referred to as the nun.

A political cartoon pillorying Leopold's love affair with Caroline Lacroix. Sire, at your age? You should try it for yourself! Four children were born of this marriage, three daughters and one son, also named Leopold. The younger Leopold died in at the age of nine from pneumonia after falling into a pond.

His death was a source of great sorrow for King Leopold, who had lost his only heir. The marriage became unhappy, and the couple separated completely after a last attempt to have another son, a union that resulted in the birth of their last daughter Clementine.

King leopold ii

Marie Henriette retreated to Spa inand died there in Inin his sixty-fifth year, Leopold took as a mistress Caroline Lacroixa sixteen-year-old French prostitute, and they remained together for the next decade until his death.

Leopold lavished upon her large sums of money, estates, gifts, and a noble title, Baroness Vaughan. Owing to these gifts and the unofficial nature of their relationship, Caroline was deeply unpopular among the Belgian people and internationally. She and Leopold married secretly in a religious ceremony five days before his death.

Their failure to perform a civil ceremony rendered the marriage invalid under Belgian law. After the king's death, it was soon discovered that he had left Caroline a large fortune, which the Belgian government and Leopold's three estranged daughters tried to seize as rightfully theirs.

Caroline bore two sons who were probably Leopold's; the boys would have had a strong claim to the throne had the marriage been valid. Early political career[ edit ] As Leopold's older brother, also named Louis Philippehad died the year before Leopold's birth, Leopold was heir to the throne from his birth.

When he was 9 years old, Leopold received the title of Duke of Brabantand was appointed a sub-lieutenant in the army. He served in the army until his accession inby which time he had reached the rank of lieutenant-general.

He took an active interest in the senate, especially in matters concerning the development of Belgium and its trade, [3] and began to urge Belgium's acquisition of colonies. Leopold traveled extensively abroad from tovisiting IndiaChinaEgyptand the countries on the Mediterranean coast of Africa.

His father died on December 10,and Leopold took the oath of office on December 17, in his thirtieth year.

King Leopold II

He explained his goal for his reign in an letter addressed to his brother, Prince Philippe, Count of Flanders: This law created free, secular, compulsory primary schools supported by the state and withdrew all state support from Roman Catholic primary schools.

The Catholic Party obtained a parliamentary majority inand four years later restored state support to Catholic schools. Invarious socialist and social democratic groups drew together and formed the Labour Party.

Increasing social unrest and the rise of the Labour Party forced the adoption of universal male suffrage in King Leopold II of Belgium created an image for himself as a fine fellow, a humanitarian, a solid citizen of the world.

In fact he was a monster, terrorizing and pillaging a large section of Africa for a quarter-century. King Leopold II was born on April 9, in Brussels, United Kingdom of the Netherlands as Léopold Louis Philippe Marie Victor von Sachsen-Coburg-Saalfeld.

He was married to Blanche Delacroix and Queen Maria-Hendrika of the Apr 09, On this day in , King Leopold II of Belgium established the Congo as a personal possession.

Until the s, few Europeans had ventured into the. The Butcher of Congo By Baffour Ankomah, New African, October Only 90 years ago, the agents of King Leopold II of Belgium massacred 10 million Africans in the Congo. May 16,  · A monument in the center of Brussels still stands glorifying Leopold II, "builder king", without even a mention of his genocide of 10 million Congolese during his rule of the new state of Belgium.

SHAME ON BELGIUM for spending OUR tax money maintaining this garbage 3/5(48). This is Part Two of, 'King Leopold II: The First Modern Bastard.' Robert is joined again by Andrew Ti (Yo, Is This Racist?) and they continue discuss the evil actions of King Leopold II of Belgium.

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