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Invention of wheel essay writer

Simple as it seems, it is the very basis of movement. The cart, the cycle, the motor-car and the railway train move on wheels. Even aircraft which fly thousands of kilometres through the air need wheels for taking-off and landing.

It is not only for transport that the wheel is vital. Machines that produce various goods for us, watches that tell us the time, generators that produce electricity, and many gadgets which have become essential in our day-to-day life cannot work without a wheel.

The Wheel [Illustrations by: Ahmed] One would, therefore, think that the inventor of the wheel must have earned great fame and fortune.

But as a matter of fact, no one even knows who the inventor was. You can imagine how difficult it must have been for man to move about or carry heavy loads without a wheeled vehicle.

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It was only years ago about B. The wheel did not immediately put an end to the use of beasts of burden for carrying loads.

invention of wheel essay writer

In fact, in some countries of Asia and Africa not only animals but men also are used to carry goods and passengers even today. Even in technically advanced countries, men and beasts are still used at places where machines with wheels cannot reach, for instance, on snow-bound mountains and in dense forests.

Before the invention of the wheel, it must have very difficult to travel long distances. Travellers carried their belongings on their backs and faced many hazards on the way.

There were no hotels or serais on the route where they could take shelter or rest and eat. Very few, therefore, dared to travel.

Even those who undertook a journey did not know when they would reach their destination and whether they would return home safely. How did the wheel come into existence? Man first began to tame animals for his use.

The first animal to be tamed was the dog. It kept watch and warned its master of approaching danger. The dog was also used in hunting. Man soon discovered that a pack of dogs could pull a fairly heavy load.

He made a frame of sticks, placed loads on it and made dogs pull it. This vehicle was called a sledge. Sometimes the man himself sat on the sledge and had a ride. In Northern Europe, sledges made of raw hide, bark or hollowed tree-trunks were used long before the invention of the wheel.

In Egypt and Syria sledges were used for shifting huge stone statues even after the wheel was adopted for chariots and wagons. Later animals other than dogs were also tamed and trained.

They were used either for riding or for carrying goods. Thus, donkeys, mules, horses, camels, elephants, oxen and other animals were employed.

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This helped traders and pilgrims to move about and mix with one another more frequently, through they faced many hardships and dangers on the way.

By providing it with wheels to roll forward, man took an important step in the history of transportation. Rolling motion is far better than sliding motion because it reduces friction considerably.

All the time man was looking for some means of carrying himself and his goods over longer distances with greater speed, comfort and safety.Misc thoughts, memories, proto-essays, musings, etc.


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Michael Faraday The Invention of the Electric Motor and Electric Generator Build a Homopolar Electric Motor (Barlow's American writer in essay Wheel) and a Homopolar Generator (Faraday Disk). The Story: Probably no means of communication has revolutionized the daily lives great opening lines to essays of ordinary people more essay on the invention of the wheel than the telephone.

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Free Essay: The Invention of the Wheel The invention of the wheel is the single most important invention in the world.

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