Dissertations in rhetoric and composition

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Dissertations in rhetoric and composition

The following Composition-Rhetoric courses are offered on a regular basis: English is for specialized, not foundational coursework, and may be appropriate as either a minor course or a course used to satisfy the tool requirement.

Students may take English as their sixth major course only with the agreement of the faculty sponsor and the Graduate Advisor.

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Course Load Ordinarily students who are also teaching assistants typically enroll in two courses per semester. A student may take English reading for prelims for the first time in the semester in which that student is completing the English Course Requirements B. Course Requirements All course requirements must have been completed with grades of B or better before the student takes the preliminary examination.

In computing the G. The grade of S will not be counted in computing the G. A student who fails to meet this requirement will be placed on Departmental Probation see Section I below.

Dissertations in rhetoric and composition

Incompletes Incompletes will be allowed only in extraordinary circumstances, and they must be removed within eight weeks of the following semester of registration. If they are not removed within that time, they will revert to a failure unless special dispensation is granted by the Director of Graduate Studies.

At no time may a student have more than six credits of Incompletes. The preliminary examination may not be taken by a student who has an Incomplete.

English Research Methods counts toward fulfillment of the tool requirement. Students may also satisfy this requirement by taking an independent study course with a CompRhet faculty member assisting that faculty member with ongoing research.

As an alternative, an array of qualitative and quantitative research methods courses offered in other programs and departments also can fulfill this requirement.

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The language requirement may be satisfied by: You also are required to be continually enrolled while pursuing your degree. To help students meet the credit rule and stay enrolled during periods when you may not be taking regular courses, the English Department provides credit slots: Examinations Prelims Portfolio Prelims occurs on the cusp of shifting from general to specialized preparation and, in CompRhet, takes the form of a portfolio rather than the more usual sit-down exam.

You are eligible to submit your prelims portfolio only after you have first completed all major coursework and either the tool requirement or the foreign language requirement; the minor and the tool or language foreign requirement, which ever is not complete before prelims, may be completed after prelims.

Some students choose to submit their prelims portfolio at the end of the second year, when CompRhet coursework is fresh in the mind. Other students prefer the end of the third year after all coursework, including minor coursework, is complete, so that they can move directly into the dissertation without having to return to the classroom.

It has always been expected that major required coursework should be completed prior to prelims. Minor coursework and foreign language requirements can be completed following prelims.

Students are required to submit their written portfolio to the Graduate Division. Portfolio Contents Students admitted on or after will use the following format. Students admitted before can choose either format.

The advisor will take the leading role in the prelims process, consulting with students about prelim questions and list contents. Students may sit for their oral exam after completing at least two years of doctoral coursework and should take the oral by the August following their third year in the doctoral program.

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Students do not have to wait until after prelims to start their dissertation research. In order to receive the senior TA rate, students need to have completed the prelim and all other requirements other than the dissertation before the semester for which they want that rate to begin.

Students may defend their prelim at any time during the faculty contract year not during the summer. The specialist lists will address likely areas of emphasis or specialty in the dissertation, and the generalist list will highlight an area of interest that cuts across consistent concerns in the field of composition and rhetoric.

In consultation with their advisor, students will craft a single question that will prompt them to synthetically incorporate texts and ideas across their three lists. Working from this question, students will then develop a well supported scholarly argument 8, words that a theoretically grounds their future research and b situates that future research within the larger scholarly concerns that have defined it.

After the written essay is submitted, the advisor will solicit feedback from the other two committee members. The student will be presented with this feedback and have the chance to respond and address other questions in a minute oral defense.

The philosophy does not need to cite the bibliography. Written exam question s and accompanying lists must be approved at least six months prior to the oral defense date.

Pre Format 3-page introductory essay to be written as the last step in submitting the portfolio, discussing: Your strengths, weaknesses, and progress through the program, reviewing teaching, writing, research Important themes cutting across contents of the portfolio Future directions and professional aims page statement of your teaching philosophy Two 4, word plus bibliographies take home essays: One written in response to the faculty question using the Core List Another essay written in response to a question that each student will work out in consultation with area faculty.The Dissertation Committee, Statement of Purpose, and Proposal RCTE Program Overview.

PhD Degree Requirements. The RCTE program prepares graduate students to conduct research in rhetoric and composition, to teach undergraduate and graduate courses in the field, and to develop writing programs in school settings and on the job.

Lana Oweidat, Rhetoric and Composition, “Disrupting the Western Gaze: An Arab-Islamic Intervention in Rhetoric and Composition Studies” John Whicker, Rhetoric and Composition, “Object Oriented Writing Theory: Writers, Texts, Ecologies”. Dissertations In Rhetoric And Composition.

Publishing in Rhetoric and Composition is a collection of essays about the politics and practices of generating scholarship From Dissertation to Scholarly. READ MORE Rhetoric & Composition Dissertation Titles - regardbouddhiste.com Composition-rhetoric is the theory and practice of teaching writing, especially as it is carried out in composition courses in colleges and universities in the U.S.

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Also known as composition studies and composition and rhetoric. The term composition-rhetoric emphasizes the function of rhetoric (with.

Dissertations in rhetoric and composition

Your dissertation committee will consist of a minimum of 5 faculty members (at least three from Composition and Rhetoric) and at least one from outside the discipline of . That said, a Rhetoric and Composition dissertation is an inquiry and/or argument that makes a significant contribution to the field by engaging the issue(s) under exploration.

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