An introduction to california condors

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An introduction to california condors

In this article I have tried to explain why and how Blackpool Zoo decided not only to mix lemur species, but also to allow members of the public in with them.

Introduction Blackpool Zoo had had plans to mix three lemur species for several years prior to work commencing in the spring of During this time, ideas for the exhibit had changed several times.

Another advantage of mixing the lemurs was that it would free up several more enclosures in the primate house, allowing new species to be brought into the collection. Several sites within the acre [ha] zoo had been considered, including a large island in the centre of the zoo.

Introduction to the California Condor by F.R. Snyder Noel

At the time of writing this area is being developed for the zoos group of lowland gorillas. Finally, however, the decision was made to work with an underdeveloped piece of land, about one acre [0. No mammal species were currently housed in this area, and apart from the giant tortoises Geochelone gigantea towards the rear of this piece of land, it held very little interest for members of the public.

The site included not only a wooded area, with about a hundred trees and shrubs of various sizes, but also a large grassed area, leading towards the lake. The main reason for choosing this site instead of the island was that we felt it very important that the public should be able to view the inside accommodation.

We thought it was unlikely that lemurs of any species would willingly choose to spend a lot of time outside during the British winter; so accessible inside viewing would be very important for the winter visitor. The removal of the giant tortoises to a new enclosure would immediately provide us with one block of indoor accommodation, although this house could not be viewed internally.

Although this already existing house was of a decent size, it could at most house one group of lemurs, so more housing would be needed. The second house would need to accommodate the other two species of lemur, as well as allowing the public inside viewing.

Our newly chosen site had opened up more possibilities for this exhibit. After further planning and discussion, it was decided that the enclosure should be opened up to the public.

An introduction to california condors

A walk-through exhibit We felt that this would give the public much more of an experience. However, two major considerations needed to be thought through before we could allow visitors into the enclosure: How would the lemurs react?

How would the public react? Another consideration was that we could not afford the luxury of a member of staff permanently on duty to watch the exhibit all day whilst visitors were in.

So a solution was needed which would restrict the area the public had access to within the enclosure. We decided that the best answer to both of these problems was to restrict the public to a single walkway with side railings see photo, p.

The public would have to climb the railings to gain access to the rest of the exhibit. This in theory allowed the lemurs access to the people, but not the people to the lemurs — unless the lemurs chose to allow it!

Today, the California condor is regarded as one of the rarest birds in the world. In Pleistocene times, condors ranged from Canada to Mexico, across the southern United States to Florida, and north on the east coast to New York. By Jim Roope, CNN Editor's Note: Listen to the full story in our player above, and join the conversation in our comments section below. (CNN) – Forty years after the introduction of the Endangered Species Act, the California Condor is trying to reclaim its problem is, humans have moved in. Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Condors suffered from a variety of stresses—from shooting to strychnine poisoning that was an inadvertent side effect of campaigns to exterminate wolves and grizzly bears from California.

Now we had an idea of what we wanted from our new exhibit, work could commence on the project. The lemurs The lemurs to be used were all animals who were already housed at Blackpool Zoo. Group 1 consisted of 7.Chondrodystrophy This is a required segment of the documentary. Day 4: Managing Chondrodystrophy Work together to develop a management plan that will increase the population of California condors and limit the risk of chondrodystrophy.

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It's time to plan your summer getaway to Big Sur. California condors under a nonessential experimental designation in northern Arizona and Review of the Second Five Years of the California Condor Reintroduction Program in the Southwest Page 3 California condor reintroduction program in the Southwest.

The California condor is the largest land bird in North America, and once dominated the western skies. Sadly, the species declined throughout much of the 20th . ANNUAL REPORT.

ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. Extracts from the Annual Report. Curators' Report (by James M. Dolan, Director of Collections).

The Zoo's mammal department made important acquisitions, which allowed for improved breeding of a number of species in the collection.

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