An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

A Microsoft Word version of this work is available here: Romeo and Juliet Vocab for Act 5. First, people have changed in four-hundred years.

An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

The film is visually sumptuous, with opulent production design and costumes, and features an equally sumptuous and opulent score by Polish composer Abel Korzeniowski. In these circumstances, scores often go one of two ways: As he did with his previous work on films like W. Both cues have a notable hint of Shakespearean Patrick Doyle about them, especially the sword fighting music from the finale of his Hamlet.

The cello, so rich and mournful, is especially impressive here, and the conclusive performance of the love theme, slowed down and accentuated with timpani rolls, is about as heartfelt and tragic as film music gets. Anyone with a penchant for strongly thematic, purely orchestral, emotionally direct, beautifully composed film music will find much to enjoy here.

There were plenty of opportunities to check it out earlier, of course, as the album got an early iTunes release several weeks ago. Old fashioned, I know.

Not necessarily in style, but in a way it uses contemporary musical language to create this, very appropriate, musical setting for a period drama. Even after so many years the story inspires the same kind of passion that is simply timeless.

In a more contemporary scene of watered-down Hollywood sound design-y music, that this music exist is somewhat of a miracle. It is also a treat for fans of Slavonic sound, mostly in string and soprano writing — a distinguishing feature of a true Polish composers such like Wojciech Kilar, Jan A.

Kaczmarek and Zbigniew Preisner. Trooping with Crows is a quintessential example of this. Charlie Brigden The great joy of listening to new music — especially film scores, where similarity is often inherent — is finding something you truly adore from the first bars.

So, Willy Shakespeare has struck again and his famous play of star-crossed lovers has yet again been made into a movie.

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So, a bit of a hard act to follow. You have to accept it for what it is. And what it is, well, is incredible. Running over nine minutes in total, these two cues are utterly representative of how great this score is in both emotional and musical quality.

Part 1 starts with uncomfortably long strings and sparse piano, leading to a sense of discovery underscored with a beautiful female chorus.

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The other influence apparent in this score — as, indeed, it already was in W. The very consistent melancholic mood and orchestration helps compensate for the lack of memorable subthemes, however. The second half of the score — the tragic portion — is more varied, but also a less pleasantly smooth listening experience on album.

The final cue, with its increased choral element, is almost the grand conclusion this story deserves, but it ends on a frustratingly unresolved note, robbing the listener of a satisfying ending.The 'Romeo and Juliet' eBook is a page study guide containing the entire original text, romeo and juliet movie on youtube line by line translation into modern English, scene by scene analysis and links to over 11 hours of video analysis.

Baz Lurhmann’s Romeo + Juliet DVD 3. Audiovisual equipment for viewing 4. themes of the play in the real world, and modernization of the play in the movie “Romeo + Juliet”.

An analysis of the movie romeo and juliet directed by baz luhrman and based on the play by william s

2. Students will perform the “Shakespeare Translated” Activity Documentos similares a Romeo and Juliet Lesson Plans and Activities.

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Romeo and Juliet THEMES. William Shakespeare 's Romeo And Juliet. analysis: Romeo as the Fruit of Verona Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet encompasses the tale of two young lovers, who get drawn with family pressure and emotional motives, commit suicide in the same period. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet , min.

Baz Luhrmann • Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Claire Danes, John Leguizamo Based-on-Shakespeare • Based-on-Theatre • Drama. Baz Luhrmann has adapted William Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet play and turned the tragic love story into an action packed love thriller.

Luhrmann adapted this play in This film was a huge success in capturing the imagination of it target audience – young people. Leonardo DiCaprio (Leading Actor) - Movie Box Office Performance Summary and Breakdown. Leonardo DiCaprio (Leading Actor) - Movie Box Office Performance Summary and Breakdown ® Where Data and the Movie Business Meet Best known as a Leading Actor based on credits in that role in 23 films, with $6,,, worldwide aggregate box office.

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