A literary analysis of a worn path by eudora wetly

Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: She had experienced many road blocks during her journey, but she did not let them stop her from reaching the goal she had at the time.

A literary analysis of a worn path by eudora wetly

The Freytag Pyramid Exposition The exposition in a story is the explanation of setting and character. The month is December, and the story is set in the Deep South.

She is very alone as she travels. Rising Action In the plot line, the rising action occurs when the elements of action start heating up. In other words, things start to happen. Phoenix, in this case, walks carefully through the trail.

A literary analysis of a worn path by eudora wetly

She gets her dress stuck in prickers and struggles to free herself. She sees apparitions that aren't even there as she struggles step by step to get into town.

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She worries about animals she might encounter in her path and the hot sun beating upon her. As she walks, she mutters to herself and wills herself to continue walking the path. She says, "Seem like there is chains about my feet, time I get this far Something always take a hold of me on this hill Climax The climax of any story occurs at the turning point, at the highest point of action.

After all of her struggles, Phoenix finally makes it into the clinic, and it is clear that she will be able to get the medicine that her grandson needs. Despite the long, difficult struggle, the reader is relieved because Phoenix arrives in the town. Falling Action and Resolution In a story, falling action is the point where the ends of the story begin to wrap up.

by Eudora Welty However, as she travels along the path Phoenix encounters several obstacles that show that along with her old age and deteriorating body her mind is slipping away from her as well.

The resolution shows the end of the story and the way things wrap up for the characters. The falling action occurs when Phoenix sits in the doctor's office and won't even answer questions because she is confused about where she is.

The nurses deride her for wasting their time. Phoenix finally realizes where she is and the reason she has come. She describes her grandson: I remembers so plain now.

I not going to forget him again. The resolution is Phoenix setting off for the journey home, with the reader knowing she will repeat these actions again despite her own frail health. December, Christmas 3. Morning,noon and evening 4.

Winter,this season reflects the harsh situations and the condition of Phoenix Jackson literary 5. Woodlands, dense forest, fields of dead corn, dead trees and leaves,small streams, an opening over the pastures.

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Era's of historical importance: Early 'spost years before the Great Depression. The third person point of view is not omniscient and does not provide the thoughts of Phoenix or the other characters with the exception of the lines said by Phoenix.

However in describing the scenes and events, the narrator gives the reader enough information to determine the traits of the characters.An Analysis of Eudora Wetly’s “A Worn Path”. Phoenix Jackson was also referred to as “Granny” and “Aunt Phoenix” by the hunter and the clinic attendant respectively instead of calling her the more formal “Mrs.

Jackson” (ibid. pars. 35 and 73). Over the years, whites have called blacks as “Granny,” “Aunt,” and “Uncle” as a way of subtly denying their dignity and individuality (Rawson 19). Eudora Welty’s A Worn Path: Phoenix’s Trip to the Local Town The short story “The Worn Path” written by Eudora Welty is about an old Black woman’s trip into to the local town.

The woman’s name is Phoenix and she is going to town to get medicine for her sick grandson. A Worn Path. The story a Worn Path by Eudora Welty is one which exposes a lot of symbolism. This is exposed through the main character Phoenix Jackson.

The description of the main character is carried out in a very symbolic manner. This story is viewed to be viewed to . Analysis of "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty. Through these obstacles, Welty brings forth her theme: with enough persistence and boldness we can overcome any obstacle that we face and reach our goal.

Bound by time and age, she works her way towards a goal so important to her heart; she does not let any hurdle get in her way/5(12). A literary criticism of the short story “A Worn Path,” by Eudora Welty, is presented.

A literary analysis of a worn path by eudora wetly

It It outlines problems that previous critics have had dealing with racial tensions between the. Eudora Welty’s sensitivity to words and images in rural Mississippi during the late s are often reflected in her writings and photographs (Barilleaux 21).

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