A diary entry written by romeo

Dear Diary, You will not believe the awful, horrible, terrifying, dreadful, excruciating day that I just had.

A diary entry written by romeo

I tried my best to take on the mind set of Juliet PG for suggestions of suicide. Thanks for checking A diary entry written by romeo my little story. This is my short take on what Juliet's Diary might have had in it durring the week the Romeo and Juliet takes place, minus the shakespearian language.

In quotations i have added the scene number which juliet is speaking of. I was inspired by my school assignment, in fact, this is the finished product. I would appreciate any comments you have on it, and any suggesstions on how i can make it better.

Sunday, July 17 1. It is the fault of my family, the Capulets and the villains of Montague. The Prince grows weary of our feud and has banned such public dueling on penalty of death!

I pray my cousins and kinsmen can keep their tempers and be noble enough to stay their swords at the sight of any Montague, I do not wish to lose one of them. I may worry for their safety dueling, but I know they can out fight our enemies well. I fear though for their safety should they win and be caught by the authorities.

When our feud is so publicly announced I feel nearly embarrassed to be a member of the house of Capulet, so violent and hateful we must seem to the public.

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However, I am most often proud. My family is of good breeding and reputation.

A diary entry written by romeo

I am happy to say my name is Juliet Capulet. I don't believe my Father would allow me to marry at this age. I am only thirteen, although I will be fourteen soon.

He wishes me to find love in marriage when I am sixteen or so. Although, mother and father do seem to be quite taken with the idea of my marriage to Lord Paris, as he seems to be quite taken with me.

I know very little of him, and I am a bit cautious to jump into such a marriage. To reassure them though, I have agreed to consider him as a husband.

I think he would make quite nice one, although he does not know me well I do not doubt that we would get along well together. I am very excited!

Paris will be there and I'll no doubt get to dance with him, I would like to know him better. Nurse and Mother have been in such a fuss about Paris being at our party tonight. They are eager to see a relationship between the two of us blossom I think. As a matter of fact, all they've talked about for the past day or so has been of Paris and I, and our marriage.

I feel almost trapped into this now, but it is all for the best I know. Paris is a man of good breeding and high standards and he is also very handsome. I can do my family justice, and make them proud by marrying such a man.

How else can I do great good and bring honor to my family? I must be off to get ready for this masquerade. I shall write more of what transpires throughout the night. So handsome, deep and caring eyes, tall and beautiful. Oh, I was in love instantly! He spoke to me in such a romantic way.

I remember it so clearly. He spotted me as I saw him across the room. He approached me and we made our way through the crowd of masqueraders into the gardens. The things he said captured my heart, although from him I must admit, he had my heart before he moved his beautiful lips.

A favoring glance from him can make me giddy. Things happened so fast, we kissed not more than mere minutes after we met! It was so magical that I cannot feel guilty for such a trespass.Dear diary, Yesterday my daughter Juliet made me very upset by telling me she does not want to marry Paris.

All of a sudden she has a change of heart, and cant wait for her wedding day to come. He concludes the entry with the impressively blunt statement “I intend to travel and write.” In addition to the statement about Hemingway’s future life path this diary entry also gives us insight into the young writer’s interests, including his favourite authors (Kiping among them), flowers, sports, and studies.

The play Romeo and Juliet was one of the most famous love tragedies ever written.

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This love story unfortunately had a fatal ending. Many people argue over why the lovers had died, was it over Free Will or Fate. Romeo and Juliet - Romeo's Diary. Entry #1 Dear Diary, I am Romeo Montague of Verona. My family has been in a feud with the Capulet family for years. I have found a girl.

I am obssessed with this girl. This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Romeo . - Teenager's Love Life Written as a Diary Entry I wrote a short story for a teenage magazine aimed at girls of approximately 14 years of age.

This story would relate to teenagers and may even advise in certain situations. It is a short story about a teenager’s love life written as a diary entry. Romeo oh Romeo that is thy sweet name that has make my heart beat times faster.

A diary entry written by romeo

This all happened during the feast at home. I was dancing with me soon to be fiance when my eyes caught glance of a handsome figure wearing the most mysterious and dashing mask.

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